Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Post Drill

Finished restoring an old rusty crud covered Champion #90 post drill for my forge shed. The drill was a mess and the whole thing was seized up. The guy I got it from told me it had been lying in his grandfather’s barn ever since he could remember so that’s at least 30 years. I believe the drill would have been made in the early 1900’s.  

 I tore the whole thing apart and scraped what dried crud I could and then used an angle grinder with a metal brush to clean up the rest. After a paint job and some lubrication, the drill works surprisingly well. These old post drills have some wobble in them but for what I’m using it for it won’t be a problem.  I also installed an adjustable chuck as I can’t find any bits made for post drills.  

Operation is simple, just put in your bit adjust the top wheel by turning it until the drill is in contact with the work and start turning.This type has a knurled knob up by the top wheel that lets you adjust the advance 1 or 2 clicks every revelotion of the handle. When the hole is drilled you flip up the feed paw and unscrew the top wheel to remove the drill bit from the work.

I also took a picture of my anvil and vice bench. Before the shed, I had been doing my blacksmithing outside. That’s hard to do in Nebraska because there is almost always a strong wind around 30mph. I will take more pictures of my forge shed once I get everything done. I can’t wait!