Tuesday, July 7, 2009

18th Century Style Fore Plane

Just got done making a fore plane. I've never worked with beech before all my other planes have been yellow birch. Beech is a great to work with and I think easier than yellow birch.

The plane has a two inch cambered blade. I'm not real happy with the hardening job I did. I think that using torches on a blade this big is not enough heat. I will re-harden it in my forge and use a bigger oil bath for quenching.

The handle on on the plane is maple and the strike button is yellow birch. I copied the style of the plane from an existing antique. Even with the blade temper a bit off the plane works wonderful. Next I will make a small coffin plane and then a panel raising plane. All that will have to wait though as I need to paint the house:(


faassek said...

Hi Frontier Carpenter!

Enjoyed meeting you in the Country Workshop's class last week and really enjoyed seeing the tools you've made. You're a very talented guy working on some interesting projects and I look forward to reading more of your posts!

Kansas Scout said...

I just found your blog. I see your not actively posting and I hope you change that soon. Please keep up the good work and post more. Oh yes. Enable followers when you do.

Joseph said...

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